The bar area welcomes guests on a walk-in basis for lunch and dinner and is open continuously for a glass of wine or cocktail.


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The Brasserie

A traditional Brasserie is a casual restaurant characterized by its informal ambiance and classic French cuisine.

But a Brasserie is much more than that. The food is based on top quality produce and visitors may expect high standards of comfort with attentive and professional service, still in an informal and dynamic setting.

It is at a Brasserie that we should expect seasonal cuisine made with the best and freshest ingredients, tables to be set with immaculate white linen, and servers presenting and preparing dishes table side.

Brasserie Harry’s pays homage to this and much more, and we delight in upholding the proud customs -put in a modern context- of the traditional Brasserie.

Harry's history Harry's history Harry's history
Harry's history


Brasserie Harry’s has been serving customers at this exact location since 1912. Having survived two pandemics and two world wars, the restaurant has been able to constantly reinvent itself and keep up with the times.

In its current form, Harry’s is a modern Brasserie serving customers till late at night. It has gone through a large refurbishment in 2020 by the renowned design firm Studio Linse, who’s assignment it was to capture the essence of the modern Brasserie.

This resulted in two spectacular dining rooms, an open kitchen and a vibrant bar area. Harry’s also has several options for private dinners and events.